The population of India is around 138 crores of which female population
is around 48% of the total population. These numbers do not matter as
far as we concern. It has been said that India got independence about 73
years ago and people had believed that it is the true definition of

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But throughout these 73 years, many things happened which
made the same people to rethink their definition to freedom. Of which,
the freedom to women is still considered as an unsettled one. Still, as far
as the numbers are concerned, only 65 percent are literates among
. Well, government still insist in saying that it keeps on improving
resources to provide better education measurements for women but they
are puzzled among themselves to assure people that this situation will
promise better future.

Not only education, but also other list of problems
faced by women keeps going on. A poll conducted in 2018 showed a
number 40,000 indicating women who faced abduction of which many
left with injustice. Even after marriage, dowry demands puts them in
more trouble, troubles for which they are not responsible. The greatness
of a woman can be put forward through their endurance in times when
they got beating, tortured by their husbands still showing their respect
towards her love. By the way , I mentioning about the most of the
women. Even a contentious woman has her love towards the beloved

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From education, security to situation after marriage the question
about freedom to women still needs to be answered. Well, you may often
say that their exists law for justice, politicians to promise safety measures
for them little knowing that everything in India have its own way to
provide injustice to afflicted women. The solution to the real freedom is
concerned to our conscience by having the love that we show towards
ourselves to the other people around us as well.
This solution to provide
real freedom may seem to you as an unworthier one but the impact it
shows towards the real freedom is greater than the impact shown by the
pandemic coronavirus.


  1. RahulReddy says:

    Even in these days many of them are facing a lot of problems and lots of women forced to do some other work by sitting at home instead by achieving their goals and many of them are abused, the law may not reach to each and everyone person equally but the change in us makes a lots of difference to them the mindsets should be changed then only the actual independence and nice job 👍 by dinakar very well said👏

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