5 Websites to learn programming for free

Freecode camp is  a non-profit website you can get certificate for free. After completion of courses you can certificate also. Here is the list of courses to included in website below:
  1. Responsive web design
  2. Javascript Algorithms and data structure
  3. Frontend Libraries
  4. Data visualization
  5. API & Microservices
  6. Quality Assurance
  7. Scientific computing using python
  8. Data analysis using python.
  9. Information Security
  10. Machine learning using python
  11. Coding interview preparation.

In this website you can learn web development for free . Which includes frontend, backend and database tutorials

Are you new to web development then this site is for you . This websites explains the HTML & CSS in a easy and comprehension way to all people. this website is managed by one guy .The guy named is Oliver james.

This website includes includes core subjects of Computer Science and other technologies like android development ,web development, game development. There is a feature called “Curious” that takes you to miscellaneous tech contents.

Sololearn is a community website for coders that you can programming languages for free and it has coding challenges and quizzes. You can play multiplayer quizzes.

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