Always make fresh backup copies of your files and keep them not just on the physical storage, but in the cloud as well.

Cloud File Sync As A Backup Solution? - Diligex Blog ...

Regularly check your backups to make sure that all-important files are intact

Update! Delaying software updates means keeping a Back -Door for cybercriminals

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Strong passwords are good, but not enough –use Multi-Factor authentication for remote access

The Importance of Multifactor Authentication for Safety ...

Make sure the right protection is in place on the network perimeter and across all nodes, endpoints and servers

Network Perimeter Security Design - Comprehensive Guide

Use the protection suites with anti-phishing capabilities on endpoints and mail servers to decrease the chances of accidents

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Carry out a cybersecurity audit for your networks and remediate the discovered weaknesses

What Is Cyber Security Audit and How It Is Helpful for ...

Setup the role-based default deny mode to ensure that users having access to critically important data do not perform a unintended operation

Build a Role-based API with Firebase Authentication | Toptal

Do not pay!! There is no guarantee that you get your data back, but you will definitely provide financial incentives to the criminals

What To Do When Forex Broker Doesn't Pay?

Keep It Mind……… Don’t be prey…… be safe ….. Always…

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